Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hair Inspiration

My hair has become a big deal to me lately. I guess it really started when I took a chance and cut most of it off in my bedroom one night. Since then though, it's gotten shorted and shorter, and also more colorful. I bleached it at the end of April, and so far I have had the same color as Jessie on Team Rocket (remember her from Pokémon? Anybody?), teal, green, pink, purple, and blue. But here are some other the ladies that I look to for some hairspiration!

The first is the inspiring Demi Lovato!
I have this exact photo from an issue of Seventeen magazine hanging on my wall and I love it! This was the inspiration for me dying my hair blue, which was actually a horrible idea. It looks great on Demi, but it wasn't the color for me. I absolutely hated it when it was blue, but it's faded to more of a purple. But Demi has had so many different hair colors since she bleached her hair from her natural blonde, and now that I think of it, she was probably the one that inspired me to do the same!
The next woman that I look to is Emma Roberts.
This is exactly how I want my hair to look. I love the slight beachy waves that she's go going on, but no matter how hard I try I can never achieve this look. I always end up with curls instead of waves. But I keep on trying, because I'm bound to get it sometime, right?
Last up is the young Carrie Bradshaw from The Carrie Diaries
Season 1 Carrie, where she had longer tighter curls. I am so envious of those curls! I know I said that I want the loose waves of Emma Roberts, but I would absolutely love to have crazy curls like Carrie. So whenever I choose to go for actually curls, I try to get as close to her hair as possible.