Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Today, instead of an outfit post, I wanted to tell you about a fantastic online clothing store, called Efoxcity.com! I'm sure you've heard of it, since it's quite popular with fashion bloggers. And for good reason! But if you haven't, I'm glad I can introduce it to you! They have a wide range of amazing clothes at seriously wallet-friendly prices, including men's fashion, jewelry, discount women's wholesale, and even gorgeous wedding dresses for under $100!

This site has everything from fun and flirty dresses, to cozy knit sweaters, to chic coats! But my favourite part of the site has got to be the jewlery. They have the coolest rings and necklaces!

To give you a better feel for the site, and what they carry, here are a few of my favourite pieces from Efoxcity.com! (You can click on the number under the pictures to go to the corresponding item's page)


PicMonkey Collage

They also have drop ship clothing, which is a service that you can use to create your own online store, and stock it with the amazing clothes from the website!

I love this site because of the wonderful selection of clothes and jewelry, and the even more wonderful prices! So instead of only being able to get one or two pieces, you can get more of what you're loving! I hope you all take the time to check out this online store, it's really worth it!


  1. Really nice selection, love it!

    Following you from Spain ;)

    Les Deux Rombos

  2. My favorites of your favorites: the classy bottoms ones! I love the details


  3. The second pair of shorts are beautiful! OX

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  4. Number 3 in shorts is adorable! I love the style. Awesome picks!


  5. Their store is super cute! My favorite are the shorts though- I love that one of them is high waisted, and the detailing makes them so special!

    xo Marlen
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  6. Great post!
    Love the floral top!

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  7. Being able to create your own online store seems a cool idea!

    Corinne x

  8. I love those shorts, it seems like such a good website, not sure whether the postage to England would be crazy or not though!

    Charlotte Adele

  9. nice post and nice blog !
    i like your style !
    i follow you , please follow me back !

  10. Pair number 2 with number 1 and number 3 hehe :D Thank you so much for sharing your fav items from Efoxcity! You definitely have great taste - I'd buy them all :)

    Robyn xox
    The Chic Image