Thursday, August 30, 2012

Never Say Goodbye

Today is the last day that I will get to see my best friend, Cassandra. She leaves tomorrow morning to go to university in Ottawa, and I'm going to her house tonight to visit, and to say a last "see you later". No goodbyes.

While I was taking these pictures, this little guy snuck up behind me! Isn't he cute?
And I dyed my hair pink last night! What do you think?

"Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." -J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

Heart Print Romper (Worn as Shirt)- Forever 21
High Waist Shorts- Second Hand (Frenchy's)
Loafers- Aldo

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liebster Award

Last week, I received a comment from Vera from the blog Fashion Mode saying that she has nominated me for the Leibster Award. I also got nominated from the lovely Sofi, over at Style-Ramblings, a while ago as well but never got around to doing this post!
This is an award for bloggers that have under 200 followers, to help get the word out on their blogs. I'm so flattered that both Sofi and Vera nominated me!

With this award, there are some rules.  They are as follows:
1) Post 11 things about yourself
2) Answer the questions the tagger has for you
3) Write 11 things for your 11 nominees
4) Tag those nominees in your post and tell them about it on their page
5) No tag backs

So, here are eleven things about myself!

1. I am crazy about cats. I have one, named Callie, and I love her very much. When I am older, Iwill be a crazy cat lady.

2. I have a very big (and probably unattainable) dream to move to Australia. I have no idea why, I've never even been there. But I am so in love with the country.

3. I live in a small town (techinically, it's a village), but I am a city person. I need the hustle and bustle of city life.

4. Unlike every other teenager who can afford one, I do not have a cell phone. I could if I wanted one, but I don't want to be tethered to it like many teenagers are. They can't seem to function without their phones.

5. My favourite food is hamburgers. I am always in the mood for a big, greasy buger. Yum.
6. I like to keep a lot of things secret. Like this blog. No one that I know knows about it.
7. I am extremely literal. I take everything you say as you say it.

8. Oddly, I am also very sarcastic. I'm hardly ever serious, and most things I say are said sarcastically.

9. Since I've owned a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, I've fallen in love with high heels. After I am 20, I want to be one of those women who never wears a flat shoe in public.

10. I am only 5'1''. This is why I love high heels.

11. I have no idea what I want to do for a career. And now that I have graduated from high school, I need to figure it out, and I am very nervous about my future. Especialy since I am only 17 years old.

And now, I have to answer some questions from Sofi!

1. Name one thing that makes you get in the morning.
-Knowing that anything can happen.
2. Favourite artistic form of expression, whether its writing, drawing, crafting etc
-My favourite form of expression is though my wardrobe!
3. Favourite soap smell
-Grapefruit. It's very energizing.
4. The best kind of reward after a challenging day
-Snuggling up on the couch with a warm blanket, good movie, and my adorable kitty.
5. Most listened to song of the week
-One Thing by One Direction. I am obsessed.
6. Favourite restaurant/coffee shop
-My favourite restaurant is called Freemans of New York. It has a New York theme, so it's amazing. The food is fabulous. But whenever I go, I have to order the same pizza because it is so delicious!
7. Best holiday so far
-My family doesn't go anywhere for holidays. We mainly have staycations. Which aren't that great.
8. Place you would most like to visit
-Australia! Duh.
9. A perfect evening is...
Going out for dinner in the city, after a long hard day of shopping. Then going out for a movie.
10. Why blog?
-I blog because I needed something to do that would help me become more creative. I was very creative as a child, and I started to feel as if I had lost some of that as I aged. I also love clothing and style, and one of my friends suggested that I start a blog.
11. One thing you've learnt since you began blogging
-It really is okay to be exactly who you are, as you are.
Now the questtions from Vera!
1- What is your favourite movie? Hairspray. I watch it multiple times every time I work. I know every word, and I recite them. You do not want to watch this movie with me.
2- What is your favourite Book? The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
3- Favourite actor and actress? I can't decide between Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. As for actress, I don't have one.
4- What is your favourite band or singer? Mumford And Sons. Or One Direction..
5- What is your dream travel destination? Australia!
6- What is your favourite chothing brand? I don't worry very much about brands. I just wear whatever I'm drawn to.
7- What are your favourite clothes? I love blouses. With collars.
8- What is your favourite pastime? Reading, or shopping..
9- What is your favourite color? Purple.
10- What is your favorite Perfume? Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
11- You prefer cats or dogs? CATS.

Now, here are my 11 question for my nominees:

1. What is your least favourite fashion trend?

2. Where do you find inspiration?

3. How did you come up with your blog name?

4. Do you prefer high heels or flats?

5. What do you look for in a fashion blog?

6.  Favourite scent?

7. What is your most cherished childhood memory?

8. Are you a morning person or a night person?

9. What is your favourite quote?

10. If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

11. If the world was actually to end in 2012, how would you spend your last day alive?

And here are my nominees:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Time Is Swift, It Races By

This is how I looked yesturday, when I spent some time at the mall with my friend, Brittany! Then we went back to her house and watched the movie Taken, which was very good. I've never been one for action movies before, but I really liked it.

I've never really mixed prints much before, but I've started thinking about different ways to do it, so I'm thinking I'll be mixing prints quite a lot when the fall comes. I'm excited about fall comig in general! I've never really known what to wear in the fall and winter; spring and summer are my favourite fashion months. I just find it so much easier to dress for hot weather than cold. But I'm excited to try new things, and experiment! What about you? Which season is your favourite to dress for? And what are you excited about wearing in the fall?

Visit my Tumblr for my daily inspiration, here!

"Time is swift, it races by; Opportunites are born and die... Still you wait and will not try - A bird with wings who dares nor rise and fly." -A.A. Milne

Lace and Canvas Stripe Shirt- Romwe
Floral Tulip Skirt- Macy's (Material Girl)
Litas- NastyGal (Jeffrey Campbell)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Create Your Own Visual Style

Today was such a fun day! I went to the duck pond in my town with my two friends, Lori and Cassandra. We walked through the forest trails and took many photos. Both of them are going to university the week after next, so we thought it would be nice to have a little photo shoot together! I'll share a few of those pictures a little later.

And this is how I looked yesturday!

If you'd like to see what inspires me every day, visit my Tumblr by clicking here! :)
"Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others." -Orson Welles

Red Floral Shirt- Second Hand (Frenchy's)
Black Crochet Vest- Dynamite
High Waist Denim Shorts- Second Hand (Frenchy's)
Litas- Nasty Gal (Jeffrey Campbell)
Ring- Ardene
Bracelet- The Black Market

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Butterbeer and Tumblr

Today I'm not going to post about my clothes, but rather, a new favourite drink, called Butterbeer. Does it sound familiar? It should! It's the beloved drink that Harry, Ron, and Hermionie drink at The Three Broomsticks.
I started looking around for a recipe in the winter, but then gave up when I saw that most of them contained cream soda, which I don't like at all. But then I came across one that didn't, and it sounded delicious.
Visit the webpage by clicking HERE. 
But it if you don't want to go to a seperate page to find the recipe, here it is!

2 Tablespoons of Butter (not margarine, but real butter)
2 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
1 Mug of Milk
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
A Dash of Cinnamon

First, you melt the butter and sugar together in a pot, to make caramel.
Next, add the milk, vanilla, and cinnamon.
Last, bring the mixture to a boil, then pour into a mug!

It is that easy, and insanely yummy! But I do find it very rich, so I can only drink about half of a mug.
Also, when the butter melts, the fat separates and rises to the top. So you will get a layer of fat at the top of you rmug. It sounds delicious, I know.. But really, it is!

Also, a while ago I created a Tumblr account, but stopped going on it. After some time, I have decided to go back to it and post anything and everything that inspires me. So if you'd like to check it out, please do! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Always Remember To Slow Down In Life

As I predicted in yesterday's post, I'm lonely! Although it didn't take as long as I thought it would; it has only been one day. I live in a pretty big house, and it seems even bigger without the two other people who live here (my parents, obviously..) So it's really quiet, which it unusally never is. And that is slightly unsettling. 
But I have started cleaning my room to keep me busy, which is a huge undertaking. It is also some what pointless, since I can't keep that room clean to save my life. I guess it's just destined to remain covered in my clothes until I move out. The carpet is ugly anyway..

"Always remember to slow down in life; live, breathe, and learn; take a  look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything and every person that has the least place within your heart." -Unknown

Striped Shirt- H&M
Galaxy Print Tulip Skirt- Romwe
Litas- Nasty Gal (Jeffrey Campbell)
Necklace and Ring- Ardene

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ability Is Of Little Account

This is how I looked sometime last week,  and this was the first time that I got to wear my new Litas! I love them so so much, and I can't believe that I actually have two pairs. They're so beautiful.

This week, my parents are away to Prince Edward Island, so I have the house all to myself! I'm very excited to be alone, but I think it'll get lonely by the time Wednesday comes around.

Ugh, my hair really needs to be dyed again! I'm thinking blue.. what do you think?

"Ability is of little account without opportunity." -Napolen Bonaparte

Denim Shirt- H&M
Shorts- Winners
Litas- Nasty Gal (Jeffrey Campbell)
Necklaces- Ardene

Friday, August 17, 2012

Did You Ever Stop To Think

Today was such a busy day! I babysat my neighbour's son for four hours, and now I am off to go to work for another six hours! But really, I don't mind working, if it means I can go shopping.

This is how I looked last week when I went out with my mom! I love the print of this H&M dress, so much so that I have a shirt of the exact same print. Have you ever done that? Bought different items in the same print, or the same item in different colors, because you loved it so much?

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” - A.A. Milne 

Floral Print Dress- H&M
Brown Belt- Dynamite
Brown Combat Boots- The Shoe Warehouse

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Additions

About two weeks ago, I placed an order on Nasty Gal, and it arrived on Tuesday!
The order consisted of these amazing shorts, which I have been drooling over for about a month. I love the leather fringe around the legs, and I can't wait to wear them! But I will have to wait, as they are huge on me. I got a size small, which I actually thought would be too small. And according to the size chart, they would be just a tiny bit tight. But when they got here and I tried them on, they were gigantic. So now I have to spend more money and get them tailored, but it's worth it. 

Also in the order was my second pair of Litas! I'm so in love with these shoes, it's terrible. They're just so expensive. But luckily, there were a graduation gift from my amazing sister. I was going to go with the white crochet pair, but then I thought about it and the brown pair seemed more versatile. So I went with them. And I am so happy that I did!

While I was in Halifax for the Buskers festival a few weekends ago, my parents took me to Value Village. It was my first time shopping there, and it was overwhelming as it's such a huge store, but it was very close to heaven. I scoured the racks, and came across these two midi skirts. And I think they will be perfect for when the weather starts to get colder.

 This one looks blue, but it's actually purple.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Beginning of Love Is To Let Those We Love Be Perfectly Themselves

I wore this outfit last week when I went to the mall with my mom. I swear, she hates these shoes. She thinks that they aren't appropriate to wear around our town, and she is actually completely right. Whenever I wear them, I stand out and people stare. Actually, people always stare because of what I wear. I live in a very small town, where people do not wear heels just to go to the mall. And that is how I know I don't belong here. And it makes me very excited to leave, and find somewhere that I feel I do belong.

Oh, Litas. I love you.
Speaking of Litas (I am always speaking of Litas, they're just perfect, don't you think?) I have two new additions to my wardrobe that I will show you in my next post! They arrived today, and I'm so happy! 

"The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves in them." -Thomas Merton

Eyelet Shirt- Foever 21
Velvet Skirt- DIY
Litas- Nasty Gal (Jeffrey Campbell)
Flower Necklace- A graduation gift from my Godmother