Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Am My Hair

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately! I've just been very lazy lately!
I know many of you have been looking forward to seeing my hair, and today is the day! But first, here is the story...
As you know, I bleached it with my best friend. After I washed out the bleach, we tried to dye it purple. It was a new dye that I had never tried before, and after putting it on and washing it out, the dye didn't stick. It turned out to be a coppery brown, which was actually really pretty. It was more subtle then I was looking for, though. I left it like that for two days, but I redyed it purple on Friday, and it is now actually purple! So it no longer looks at it does in these photos, but that is how it did look at first!

Yesturday, my parents and I drove up to the city to spend the weekend with my sister, Jess. The busker festival is taking place in Halifax now, so we also went to see some shows. I also go my palm read, and it was so weird! Everything that the man said was true. He said that I haven't decided on a career yet, but I will around the age of 25; that I'm not very good at solving my own problems, but I'm good at helping others with theirs and that I have the gift of empathy (he suggested I be a lawyer or councelor); that I am a free spirit; and that I hae a problem with spending too mouch money. It was so intriguing, have any of you ever had your palm read?

"I just wanna be myself and I want you to love me for who I am, I just wanna be myself and I want you to know
I am my hair"- Lady Gaga

Lace Shirt- Stitches
Striped Tank- Stitches
High Waist Shorts- Second Hand (Frenchy's)
Combat Boots- Call It Spring
Necklaces- Ardene's


  1. lovely lace shirt xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Your hair looks so pretty!

    Carmen Ri.

  3. I like the brown too. I can't wait to see the purple!
    I've never had my palm read before, but now I'd really like to.
    I love your feather necklace, by the way!
    Love, Evan