Monday, May 14, 2012

The Key to Style Is ... ?

In my opinion, the key to style is bravery. I think that you need to be brave to wear what you want to wear, and not care about what others will think about it. A point that has been talked about to death, I know. But I really think it's important to ignore all of the negative things that people say about what you're wearing. Wear what you want, people! And wear it how you want to wear it!!!
Do you have a different idea of what the key to style is? I'd love to know what you think!!!

Tomorrow I'm leaving on my trip with the school band to New York City! We're taking a bus there, so that means about a 20 hour drive.. not excited about that part.  
This means that I will probably not be posting while I'm there. But please come back and visit my blog next week, because I'll have plenty of fabulous New York pictures and outfits to share!

Key Sweater- Secondhand from Retro Runway Fashions
Shorts- Secondhand from Frenchy's
Tights- Dollar Store
Boots- The Shoe Warehouse