Thursday, May 10, 2012


I wore this outfit a while ago, now. I don't remember when exactly, but I know I wore it to school! One of my friends said that she really liked this outfit because it looks casual, but then BAM! You see the shoes. That's exactly what she said.

 When I bough these jeans, I was looking for high waist jeans to cut into shorts, but I wanted to wear them as pants first. But since these photos were taken, they have had their legs cut off, and they're now shorts!

Tonight I'm FINALLY going to see The Avengers! I've been dying to see it, since I first saw the trailer. I love superhero movies! How about you?

Shirt- Winners
Jeans- Secondhand (Frenchy's)
Wedges- Call it Spring
Neckalace- Ardene

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